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Vision for the future: A cultural Music Exploration Center
Jasmine’s Alternative Music School (JAMS)
arose from the Star Jasmine Music Organization. Our facility is a ten-acre retreat center in Santa Barbara County.  You can stay for weekend and week long workshops. It is a place of beauty, environmentally friendly and solar powered. The music school is a 5,500 sq. ft adobe octagon shaped building with a circular recording studio in the middle with windows to see into each room for recording purposes. There are eight rooms decorated with themes from around the world. Imagine an African room filled with colors of warm rich earth tones, artifacts, drums, and other instruments from that land. People learn from the authentic visuals about where the music originates. There is a skilled staff that teaches permaculture farming and sustainable living. We have a multi-media theater room where you can watch and learn about music being played from various cultures. You can see and feel what kind of music resonates with you.  We have guest speakers and a variety of guest musicians to learn from, as well as teachers demonstrating various music styles. We have a Music Museum built in the side of the mountain, sharing the history of music and musical instruments that takes you on a journey from the east to the west and from the north to the south.
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